Kierin on new career path thanks to working with her ParentsNext provider

Kierin took four years off work after the birth of her daughter. The thought of going back to work was overwhelming. Kierin worked with her ParentsNext provider to identify her strengths and is on the way to being a child’s advocate.

Kieran - ParentsNext participantWhen Kierin became a mum she already had 10 years of work experience in administration roles and had a Certificate II in Business. Despite this previous experience, taking four years off work after the birth of her daughter had led Kieran to lose her self-confidence about re-entering the workforce.

“I had no idea just how taxing being out of the workforce would be on my confidence. The thought of going back to work, when the time was right, felt a little overwhelming.” 

Then Kierin received a letter from ParentsNext. 

“I received a letter in the mail from the Department of Human Services. The letter said that I was going to be part of a new program called ParentsNext which helps parents with young children to prepare for work, when they are ready.”

As a pre-employment program, ParentsNext helps parents with children under the age of six, to identify their education and employment goals, and connects them to training, child care and local services in their community. 

Excited and nervous about what to expect, Kierin connected with her local ParentsNext provider.

“My ParentsNext provider, Heather, encouraged me to do a course to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses. Once I knew what they were, we worked together to consider a range of training and career options and I decided that I wanted to be a child’s advocate.”

With the support of ParentsNext, Kierin is now well on the path to being a child’s advocate, she has completed a number of educational courses, including a Certificate I in Vocational Pathways and is working towards finishing a Certificate III in Education Support.

“For me, the best part of being part of ParentsNext has been having an instant support network that understands the importance of family and work life balance," she said.

“Heather is absolutely brilliant. She has at her fingertips all the resources I need to plan and find my next steps and she is also genuinely interested in how I’m going and where I’m up to in achieving my goals."