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Making paper digital – a reMarkable change


Perinatal Wellness is one of the participating small businesses embarking on a digital transformation. For owner Narelle, the biggest challenge is how to use digital technology in an unobtrusive way with clients while still reducing duplication and administration.

Narelle’s made the switch to new technology that’s saving her lots of out-of-office admin time. 

Narelle is the founder of Perinatal Wellness, focusing on Perinatal psychology, non-medical support and information to women and their partners during the pre or post-natal birth period.

As a qualified perinatal psychologist, childbirth educator, international trainer and trained Doula, Narelle has an in-depth understanding of the needs of pregnant women and new mothers. In her practice, Narelle believes in the importance of evidence-based interventions and values every woman as an individual with their own life, experiences and hopes for the future.

Enabling a personalised experience

One of the main goals of the digital transformation is to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. Narelle’s priority is spending quality time with her clients and creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere during her consultations.

‘I identified a huge chunk of my time was lost in hand writing case notes during individual therapy sessions, and then typing them up afterwards. I felt typing notes during the sessions would damage the therapeutic relationship, but I also knew something had to change. Using my laptop and tablet to write on seemed too glitchy and being left handed was also often problematic,’ said Narelle.

The digital needs assessment conducted by Deloitte, identified a new digital tablet, remarkable, as a solution to help improve Narelle’s record keeping and simplify back-end administration. During a consultation Narelle’s handwritten notes are now transformed to digital, using the traditional pen-to-paper note-taking experience.

‘Since switching to writing on this, I’m better able to complete case notes during work hours. With the tablet, I can easily convert my messy handwriting to text and quickly transfer the text to PowerDiary (a practice management software that ensures accurate recording of patient information and previous discussions).’

‘Not only have I saved myself a huge chunk of time, but I've noticed my stress levels have also reduced from being able to reduce my admin time.’

Narelle’s experience in using reMarkable has been incredibly positive

Learnings for other small businesses

There are a couple of things your business could take away and consider from Narelle’s story:

  • Understand how you should best interact with your customers. Do screens impact the way that you talk and interact with your customers? Is your business about connecting with people? If so, could a screen (either a computer or tablet) affect the dynamics of your conversation?
  • Explore digital tools that can help you minimise any manual data entry or type up. Are there any digital tools available that can assist you to streamline your operations and minimise manual entry? You could consider opting for digital process automation tools that assist in achieving operational efficiencies, reducing staff time and resources.