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My Business Health portal for small business owners


With so much information available online it can be hard for small business owners to know where to turn for support. My Business Health is here to help small business owners navigate the wealth of business and wellbeing information, and to help them find the services they need to face challenges and identify opportunities to grow their business.

What does it do?

Pulling together a range of resources, My Business Health gives small business owners easy access to tools, templates and tips to manage stress and proactively engage with running their business.

Good business health supports good mental health, and vice versa. The Government wants to ensure that small business owners have the tools to manage the challenges so they can focus on enjoying their business.

The website offers advice on matters of business health in a simple and easily digestible format, structures around several topics:

  • Dealing with finances (Cash Flow) 
  • Assistance on managing employees and business relationships (People Power)
  • Tools to successfully run a business (Business Toolkit)
  • How to recharge and reach out for help (Recharge and Reach Out)

Each topic presents quick tips to get things under control, some long term planning advice as well as access to immediate assistance via phone number, chatline, or referral to other services if in crisis.

My Business Health links to information and resources from sites such as Ahead for Business, Heads Up, Head to Health, the Australian Taxation Office and My Business Health focuses on the specific needs of small business and is a central repository of information for assisting small business owners with the challenges they face.