NEIS training, support and payments

Details on NEIS training, NEIS Allowance, NEIS Rental Assistance and business and mentoring support for NEIS participants

NEIS training

NEIS training helps job seekers achieve a nationally recognised qualification and is a Centrelink approved activity for up to 13 weeks.

Depending on the type of small business you are planning, a NEIS provider will refer you to the appropriate training, either a:

  • Certificate III in Micro-Business Operations or
  • Certificate in New Small Business.

During the training you will develop a NEIS Business Plan which will need to be approved by your NEIS provider.

NEIS Allowance

If you are currently in receipt of an income support payment, and you choose to participate in NEIS you may be eligible to receive NEIS Allowance for 39 weeks of business operation. The NEIS Allowance is equivalent to the single, 22 or over, no children rate of Newstart Allowance, and is paid fortnightly in arrears, subject to you meeting your obligations under your NEIS Participant Agreement.

The amount of NEIS Allowance that you receive will not be affected by income from your NEIS business.

You can receive income from outside your business (such as from investments or other work) while participating in NEIS. However, your NEIS provider will ensure that the NEIS business is your primary, full-time activity. If your external income is greater than twice the basic rate of NEIS Allowance in a given financial quarter, it may affect the amount of your NEIS Allowance.

NEIS Rental Assistance

If you take part in NEIS you may also be able to receive NEIS Rental Assistance. This is a fixed rate payment for a period of 26 weeks from the date you first receive NEIS Allowance.

NEIS business mentoring and support

Business mentoring and support is an essential component of NEIS and if you take part in NEIS you will receive business mentoring during the first year of the operation of your business. NEIS business mentors are people with proven business acumen and experience. They will provide assistance and advice about organisational, financial and marketing issues to help you to develop your business.

Want more information?

  • You can directly approach a NEIS provider located in your area. You can find your local NEIS provider here
  • If you are registered with jobactive, ParentsNext or Disability Employment Services you can talk to your provider
  • Call the Employment Services Information Line on 13 62 68
  • Find out about help available through NEIS or get more details on eligibility.