New Arrangements for Training Product Development for Australian Industry

On 21 April 2015 the new model for Training Product Development for Australian Industry was announced.

This new model demonstrates the Government’s commitment to training that is high quality and that delivers real skills for jobs.  It is also further evidence of the Government’s commitment to industry leadership and smaller government.

To support Australia’s economic prosperity, the national training system needs to be more responsive to industry needs and flexible enough to meet the needs of employers of all sizes and across all sectors.

The new model approach builds on the strengths of Australia’s training system. The Government is committed to retaining national industry defined vocational qualifications. These qualifications offer employers access to workers skilled to a national industry standard. Those with VET qualifications are assured that their qualification and skills are recognised across the nation.

To improve responsiveness and flexibility in the system, the new model places industry at the centre of training product development through industry reference committees which are overseen by the industry-led Australian Industry and Skills Committee. Industry is at the heart of arrangements and supported by independent, professional skills service organisations established through an open competitive grants process.

Throughout July and August 2015 the Department of Education and Training invited expressions of interests from organisations to operate as skills service organisations as part of the VET reform agenda.

For further information on the progress of the new arrangements, go to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee page.

View the Minister’s media release.