Australian Jobs 2016 – Launchpad into the labour market


Information on the Australian labour market can be confusing, but the Australian Jobs report provides an easy to follow analysis of key trends and issues.

The 2016 Australian Jobs has been released. This 48 page report provides a great starting point for users to gain an appreciation of trends in the labour market and factors that should be considered when looking for work or making career and training choices.

The publication contains a wealth of information, including summaries for states and territories and industries and occupations. It also includes helpful tips that can give job seekers the edge when looking for their next job.

The publication also touches upon jobs in the future so that all Australians can take advantage of the job opportunities of tomorrow. Employment projections suggest that most new jobs will be in industries and occupations for which post-school study is essential, highlighting the importance of education. There will also, though, continue to be good opportunities in lower skilled jobs, but applicants will need good employability or soft skills.

For the first time, Australian Jobs will be available on its own navigable, mobile friendly website, expected to be live by mid to late May 2016. A PDF of the report is also available online at

Hard copies of the report are widely distributed, including to schools and jobactive organisations and are available on request by emailing