Communiqué for the New Employment Services Reference Group - 8 November 2019

Wednesday 11 December 2019

The second meeting of the New Employment Services Trial Reference Group was held in Melbourne on 8 November 2019.

Stakeholder Engagement

The members noted that the department is currently working on refining the New Employment Services communications strategy for stakeholders which will focus on public engagement next calendar year. The members were provided with an update on the first meetings of the Trial Working Groups in Adelaide South Region and Mid North Coast Region, noting the strong linkages between employment services and skills development.

Members agreed to hold combined meetings between the Reference Group and each Working Group in early 2020.

Enhanced Services Payments

Members were provided an overview of the new payments model for Enhanced Services being tested in the Trial. The payment model encourages a more flexible approach for employment providers working with job seekers.

Members discussed the need for a strong focus on reducing red tape in the new model and agreed that a review of how red tape can be reduced would be included in the forward agenda.

Performance Framework

The department informed members of its intention to develop and test aspects of a future Performance Framework throughout the Trial, outlining the scope of performance data and the importance of ensuring regional differences are considered when developing the final framework.

Evaluation Strategy

Members were given an overview of the approach to evaluation, highlighting that the department will take a new approach using action-based research to evaluate the Trial and inform the new model in a timely manner.

Digital Literacy Assessment

The department provided an update on the development and testing of a Digital Literacy Assessment tool as part of the New Employment Services Trial, to support participants using digital services.

Digital Dashboard Demonstration

Members were given a demonstration of the current online digital dashboard that job seekers use to manage their job search requirements and report their activities. They noted the importance of ensuring the correct language is used within the online system so as to avoid confusion by job seekers. Members noted that there would be a demonstration of the employer dashboard that supports employers’ engagement with the program, at the next meeting.

Forward Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the Reference Group has been scheduled for Wednesday 4 December 2019 and the following items will be discussed:

  • The employer strategy, including the employer dashboard and work on improving job matching.
  • The activities which job seekers will need to undertake as part of their job search efforts
  • Digital training which will be available to all job seekers
  • The outcomes of the current Online Employment Services Trial
  • Updates on the Evaluation Strategy and red tape reduction.

The forward agenda for the meeting on 20 February 2020 is anticipated to cover:

  • Digital Services commenced on 1 July 2019, job seeker experience and lessons learned
  • A review and update on the transition process for job seekers from jobactive to the New Employment Services Trial
  • Communication Strategy