Jobs Fair to be held in Burnie in March

Monday 29 February 2016

22 March 2016 - 10.00 am – 2.30 pm

Burnie Arts & Function Centre, Wilmot Street, Burnie (Access via Jones and King Streets)

The Burnie Jobs Fair will bring together job seekers, employers, employment service providers, recruitment agencies and training providers.

This will provide you with an opportunity to talk face to face with exhibitors to learn about jobs, training, education and career options across northern Tasmania.

Throughout the day there will be information sessions on how to write résumés, the Future of Work, and how best to find employment opportunities in Tasmania’s job market.

For enquiries about the Jobs Fair or if you are interested in being an exhibitor, phone Shirley Grace on 0429 663 820 or James McCormack on 0428 299 262.

List of exhibitors

  • Defence Force Recruitment
  • Possability
  • Dairy Tasmania
  • Tas Police
  • Woolworths
  • Business Tasmania
  • Braddon Business Centre
  • Elphinstone Pty Ltd
  • Local Government Association of Tasmania (with local government jobs)
  • William Adams
  • Southern Prospect Pty Ltd
  • CRS - Coastal Residential Service
  • VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd - Ulverstone
  • RACT
  • Costas Pty Ltd
  • University of Tasmania
  • National Disability Coordination Officers Program
  • TasTAFE
  • Ability Tasmania Group
  • Outside the Square Solutions
  • My Pathway
  • Department of Employment - Tasmania State Office
  • Department of Employment - Australian JobSearch
  • Department of Employment - Future of Work
  • Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Department of Human Services
  • MEGT
  • Searson Buck
  • Mission Providence
  • Burnie LINC
  • TransTrain
  • Arbre Forestry Industries
  • FIT College (Tasmania)
  • Wodonga Tafe @ Agritas
  • Rii Skills Centre
  • Business and Employment
  • JobNet Tasmania
  • Rostrum Club #11 Burnie
  • Mission Australia
  • Smart City Vocational College
  • OnRoad OffRoad Training
  • National JobLink
  • Max Employment
  • Employment Plus
  • CVGT Australia
  • Whitelion
  • Skills Tasmania - Department of State Growth
  • Burnie Jobs Fair
  • Possability
  • Family Based Care Assoc. NW Inc.
  • Huon Aquaculture
  • Tasmanian Building Group Apprenticeship Scheme (TasBGAS)
  • WISE Employment

Check the website regularly for updates on exhibitors attending the Jobs Fair

Tips to make the most of the jobs fair

Don’t expect to win a job on the day

However, be aware that at the Jobs Fair you may meet and talk to your next employer.

It is not common for firm job offers to be made on the day of a Jobs Fair. However, employers and recruiters are there because they are looking out for people they can potentially employ.

Bring a copy of your résumé to hand to employers as a job offer may come afterwards if they like what they see and you make a good impression.

Come dressed like you would for an interview

What you wear is important. Be aware that employers really do notice details like untidy clothes, and some complain about wrinkled ties, scuffed shoes, inappropriate jewellery or body piercings.

Research the companies attending the Jobs Fair

Companies frequently say that applicants didn’t make the effort or take the time to learn about their business and what it is seeking.

Make sure you know something about an organisation and the types of positions they hire for. It is easier than people imagine; review the list of companies attending the Jobs Fair and then read their websites.

Ask the right questions

Experts say you should never ask ‘What kind of positions are you hiring for?’ or ‘What is your organisation all about?’ You can find those answers online. 

Ask ‘Who succeeds in the position you’re hiring for?’ or ‘What qualifications do you see as important?

Remember the Jobs Fair is a great networking opportunity

Collect as many business cards as possible and make a good first impression. Those cards can be very useful contacts when open positions are later advertised. You can refer to that connection in a cover letter with your application.

Having a range of employers, training organisations, education providers and government agencies all in the one place is a great opportunity.  Making individual contact with them all on your own outside a Jobs Fair setting would take weeks or maybe months to achieve.

Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and be enthusiastic

Many employers start with ‘Tell me about yourself’’. Be prepared to state your name, a brief statement about yourself, and why you’re interested in the organisation you’re talking to.

If you’re not currently working, say something like, ‘My most recent employment was with…’ and move on by describing your skills or what you learned in that job. Bring a good supply of resumes (spellchecked for mistakes, and no more than 3 pages long), enthusiasm and energy.

Apply online after you meet with any company representatives

While an employer may take your paper résumé at the Jobs Fair, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are the favoured candidate. If you wait until after the Jobs Fair to apply for a job online, use the knowledge you gained from speaking with the recruiter at the Fair.

Follow up by email

Using the business cards you’ve collected, follow up with the representatives and send thank you emails after the Fair. It is a good way for them to recall your interest.

Adapted from ‘Business Insiders Australia’, March 2014.