Lona finds a great job with support from QITE Cairns

Monday 17 August 2020

When Queenslander Lona Puliti finished her university studies in February this year, she was excited to move from Brisbane to Cairns to explore new job opportunities. Unfortunately, work was harder to find than she expected due to the downturn in the economy.

For several months, Lona was actively looking for work, but she struggled without the support of her friends and family.

Lona turned to her local jobactive provider QITE Cairns for support while for she continued to look for work. The QITE team called regularly to check-in and offered encouragement to continue her job search.

After some months Lona applied for a position as a youth worker. She was nervous about the application process but QITE staff helped Lona through it, including the online test. They also helped pay for the working with children card (blue card) she needed as a youth worker.

Lona didn’t realise how many forms she needed to fill in. The QITE team again stepped in, checked all the forms, making sure they were completed, signed and authorised correctly.

With kindness and support from the Cairns QITE staff, Lona successfully got through her application process, passed the test and was offered a full-time job as a youth worker with Safe Places for Children.

Lona is very happy to start her first full-time job and is grateful for the helped QITE gave her.

‘Thanks to everyone that has helped me at QITE. I really appreciate it. I would absolutely recommend QITE to anyone looking for an employment agent that helps and assists jobseekers.’

Lona Pulti

Lona Pulti found a great job as a youth worker thanks to the support from her jobactive provider QITE in Cairns.