Newsroom article | 15 March 2019

Matching a growing business with a mature age worker has proved a boost for Tweed Heads business Firestorm Motorcycles and its new Restart employee.

Announcement | 12 March 2019

The Department of Home Affairs published updates to the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List, Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, and the Regional Occupation List on 11 March 2019.

Newsroom article | 8 March 2019

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March each year, highlighting the achievements of women across the world.

Women are a key part of the Australian workforce, both as employees and business owners.

Here is a statistical snapshot on women in the Australian labour market:

Newsroom article | 22 February 2019

Analysis of two national surveys is helping our understanding of the division of unpaid household labour and how flexible employment can help families share the load.

Newsroom article | 15 February 2019

A direct approach to employers, even if they haven’t advertised a job vacancy, can pay off for some proactive people looking for work.

Newsroom article | 13 February 2019

The Department of Jobs and Small Business is inviting small business owners to have their say on the implementation of a new national business payments reporting framework.

Newsroom article | 11 February 2019

Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government employment service that helps young people gain skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job.

Newsroom article | 8 February 2019

It’s an exciting time for professional women’s sport in Australia.

The start of the third season of the AFLW competition began earlier this month, and crowds and television viewers were treated to a great summer season of WBBL cricket and exciting tennis at the Australian Open.    

Newsroom article | 31 January 2019

Research published by the Department of Jobs and Small Business shows that while refugees can find entering the labour market very challenging, Australian employers value their contribution and skills.

Newsroom article | 30 January 2019

Australian small business owners can learn the secrets to making their business work smarter at a series of Small Business Fairs launching on Tuesday 5 February.

Newsroom article | 24 January 2019

The Department of Jobs and Small Business is always looking at ways to improve the way employment policies are developed.

Newsroom article | 22 January 2019

Latest Small Area Labour Markets (SALM) data reveal that the percentage of Statistical Area Level 2s (SA2s) recording a fall in their unemployment rate has increased over the past 12 months.

Newsroom article | 16 January 2019

The Australian Government recognises many parents and carers of young children need help to plan and prepare for employment by the time their children start school. ParentsNext aims to improve their work readiness and future employment prospects.  

Newsroom article | 7 January 2019

Seven new short videos have been added to the Job Jumpstart website to help young people prepare for employment and land a great job. 

Newsroom article | 4 January 2019

When an industry experiences structural change, it may mean that businesses have to restructure and this can be a stressful time. To help both employers and employees during this time, the Australian Government has released the Redundancy Information Statement.

Newsroom article | 3 January 2019

Conducting job interviews can be challenging for business owners.

In Australia, employers are required by law to avoid discrimination when recruiting staff.

Newsroom article | 17 December 2018

The advice from Job Jumpstart to school leavers is there are alternative pathways to take if you don’t get the year 12 results you hoped for.

Newsroom article | 14 December 2018

An expert advisory panel has handed a report to the Australian Government, outlining recommendations on how employment services can best assist job seekers and employers in the future.

Newsroom article | 13 December 2018

Christmas often means extra work, especially for staff in the retail and hospitality sectors, and many look forward to a bit more in their pay as a result. Employers are encouraged to make sure their staff are receiving all their entitlements and sharing in the Christmas cheer.

Newsroom article | 12 December 2018

More than 18,500 mature-age people seeking work across five locations around Australia can now access extra help to become more competitive in their local job market.

Newsroom article | 5 December 2018

Many Health Care and Social Assistance related jobs are growing strongly as Australia’s population ages and the National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout continues.

Newsroom article | 3 December 2018

Kaileb McKenzie is at the start of an exciting new career as a chef, following his participation in a successful Transition to Work program on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Newsroom article | 22 November 2018

Six jobs fairs across Australia from July to October this year attracted close to 13,000 participants.

The jobs fairs were held in regions impacted by change, where large-scale redundancies had affected local job markets.

Newsroom article | 21 November 2018

Job advertisement growth over the past year was faster in regional areas than in capital cities, according to the latest data from the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI). This reflects a trend towards stronger growth in regional areas since June 2016.

Newsroom article | 16 November 2018

The 2018 NEIS Awards were recently held in Coogee, New South Wales. The awards recognise the outstanding successes of small businesses established with help from New Business Assistance with NEIS.