Newsroom article | 12 November 2018

Concentrix Services in Brisbane, Queensland, has worked with Matchworks and the Department of Jobs and Small Business to increase employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Newsroom article | 7 November 2018

'Australian Jobs', one of Australia’s foremost jobs publications, is collecting feedback to make the next edition better.

Newsroom article | 5 November 2018

Starting a business can throw up lots of unexpected challenges, so getting great advice is key. 

Newsroom article | 2 November 2018

A behavioural economics trial is being developed to help potential franchisees make a more informed decision before entering into a franchise agreement.

Newsroom article | 1 November 2018

Indigenous young man, Adam Dann, had always had an interest in photography and media.

But as he lives in a remote area—Broome in Western Australia—there weren’t a lot of opportunities for careers in this field.

Newsroom article | 30 October 2018

Link2Opportunity is an initiative connecting interested young people, women and Indigenous Australians to jobs in mining.

Newsroom article | 25 October 2018

The majority of employers who have hired an ex-offender have reported a positive outcome, with some saying they are the ‘best workers’.

Newsroom article | 22 October 2018

The Australian economy is transitioning to new sectors of growth. This process of transition helps to drive business to be more innovative and competitive, generates new products, services and employment, and can provide consumers with better value for money.

Newsroom article | 18 October 2018

Long-term unemployment remains a challenge in Australia.

The longer a person stays unemployed, the more their connection with the labour market diminishes, having potential negative effects on their confidence and employability skills.

Newsroom article | 17 October 2018

Janaya Paul, a young Indigenous woman from the Gold Coast, is excited to have landed a job as an apprentice mechanic with the help of the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

Newsroom article | 16 October 2018

Employment projections indicate that over 90% of new jobs over the next five years will require post-school education.

Newsroom article | 9 October 2018

Wednesday 10 October is National Cake Decorators’ Day which seems as good an excuse as any to talk about cake.

Newsroom article | 4 October 2018

A jobs expo held in Grafton in late August connected people looking for work in the Northern Rivers region with potential employers seeking motivated staff.

Newsroom article | 2 October 2018

Self-motivated and determined, Neil Jameson, 59, is an inspiring example of a mature-aged person who persisted and didn’t let himself be discouraged in his job search. He’s now reaping the rewards.

Newsroom article | 26 September 2018

The advice from employers for mature age workers is to not hide their light under a bushel.

Newsroom article | 24 September 2018

Young people are getting more opportunities for employment with the Youth Jobs PaTH program as businesses tailor the program to suit their recruitment needs.

Announcement | 20 September 2018

Newsroom article | 19 September 2018

There are changes to activity requirements for some older Australians who are looking for work, under new Stronger Participation measures.

Newsroom article | 19 September 2018

A new tool launched this week will help people looking for work—or a career change—to find out what skills are in demand where they live.

Newsroom article | 17 September 2018

The Department of Jobs and Small Business received over 450 submissions in response to its public discussion paper—the Next Generation of Employment Services 2020—released at the end of June.

Newsroom article | 13 September 2018

A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has commended Australia for producing reliable information about the labour market and using that information to shape policies and reduce skills imbalances.

Newsroom article | 11 September 2018

Melbourne jobs expos recently held in Broadmeadows and Dandenong provided people looking for work in those areas an opportunity to meet with local employers, hand out their resumes and discuss job vacancies.

Newsroom article | 10 September 2018

Jobs in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry continue to show the strongest growth and this looks set to be a continuing trend.

Newsroom article | 5 September 2018

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