Third G20 Taskforce on Employment meeting wraps up

Wednesday 30 July 2014

The G20 Taskforce on Employment met for the third time this year in Brisbane, Australia from 22–24 July 2014 to discuss country employment plans, lifting female participation, safer workplaces, underemployment and informal employment.

The G20 Taskforce on Employment met for the third time this year in Brisbane, Australia from 22–24 July 2014. Senior officials discussed how action on increasing female participation, making safer workplaces and encouraging people into formal work can boost employment and help grow the global economy.

Across the G20, female participation rates vary from seven to 58 per cent. G20 members acknowledged the benefits of increasing female labour force participation and how this can contribute to economic growth. Recognising the importance of female participation, many countries are including gender-relevant measures in their Employment Plans, which are designed to address the challenges faced in each country.

Unsafe workplaces represent a significant social and economic cost—it is estimated about 6300 workers around the world die each day due to occupational injuries and illnesses. At the meeting delegates discussed best practice activities and the findings of a report by the International Labour Organization to promote safer workplaces.

Informal employment is also a growing challenge in many economies around the world. The OECD reports that informal employment is the norm in most developing countries, and it is also a growing issue in some developed economies. The actions that G20 members take to address informal employment will be incorporated into country Employment Plans, which are currently under development.

The Taskforce will meet once more this year directly ahead of the Labour and Employment Ministerial meeting in September.

To find out more, visit the G20 Taskforce on Employment website.