News | 10 July 2014

Information about the tender process is available at the Aus Tender website.

Work for the Dole commenced in 18 selected areas across Australia from 1 July 2014. The programme will be phased in moving to a full national scheme from 1 July 2015.

If you require further non-tender related information on the commencement of Work for the Dole arrangements in these areas, an email can be sent to

News | 1 July 2014

The Australian Government has introduced a number of new initiatives starting from 1 July 2014 to help more Australians to move away from welfare dependency and into a job.

News | 30 June 2014

The programme provides financial assistance to eligible job seekers who relocate for ongoing work or an apprenticeship outside their local area. A job seeker needs to be a Fully Eligible Participant in Job Services Australia or participating in Disability Employment Services, be in receipt of an eligible income support payment (Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance (other) and Parenting Payment) for the last 12 months and have activity test or participation requirements in order to be eligible for...

News | 5 June 2014

On 4 June the Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review 2013-14 lifted the national minimum wage and minimum wages in modern awards.

The national minimum wage will be $640.90 per week or $16.87 per hour.

This constitutes to an increase of $18.70 per week to the weekly rate (3 per cent) or 50 cents per hour to the hourly rate.

Modern Award wages will also increase by 3 per cent.

The Annual Wage Review 2013–14 decision will directly affect over 1.5 million employees in Australia who are reliant upon award rates of pay or the national minimum wage and their employers.

Increases in the minimum wage and minimum wages in modern awards will be implemented on 1 July.

Further information is available on the Fair Work Commission website.

News | 2 June 2014

More information can be found on the Review of Transfer of Business Amendments website. 

News | 30 May 2014

The Australian Jobs 2014 publication released by the Department of Employment on 23 May reflects the changing nature of jobs in Australia.

It notes that there are opportunities for employment in all industries, but half of all new positions over the next five years are expected to be created in Health Care and Social Assistance, Education and Training, and Retail Trade.

Australian Jobs helps people understand where the jobs are, and the skills required to meet employers’ needs.

More information is available in Australian Jobs 2014.

News | 28 May 2014

Assistant Minister for Employment Hartsuyker today announced the 18 locations where Work for the Dole will commence on 1 July this year.

Job seekers aged 18 and under 30 who are attached to a Job Services Australia provider in these areas that have a Work Experience Activity Requirement will meet their requirements by participating in Work for the Dole for around 15 hours a week for six months.

A tender process will soon be launched to find Work for the Dole Coordinators.

Further information about the 18 locations is available.

News | 14 May 2014

The Budget contains high-profile employment measures that are central to the Australian Government’s policy agenda.

Two new programmes were announced as part of the Budget. The Restart wage subsidy providing incentives for employers to hire eligible mature age job seekers and a reinvigorated Work for the Dole programme to help young job seekers develop the skills valued by employers.

To see the Portfolio Budget Statements and agency outcomes, visit our 2014-15 Budget page.

News | 12 May 2014

Generation Success is an industry-driven initiative, led by Woolworths and News Corp.

The aim of Generation Success is to increase awareness of youth unemployment issues across the country, encourage employers to consider the employment of young people and support young people already in the workplace.

A number of resources for job seekers and employers have recently been added to the Generation Success webpage:

For job seekers

Fact Sheet: Where are you looking for jobs?

Fact Sheet: Are you ready for your interview?

Article: What CEOs are looking for in young job seekers

Article: Tips from Human Resources managers for young people on interviews, CVs and your first day

News | 2 May 2014

Follow the Seasonal Worker Program on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news about the programme.

News | 1 May 2014

On the 28 April, 37 finalists from across Australia were honoured at the 9th annual Safe Work Australia Awards at Old Parliament House in Canberra.

The awards showcase the best workplace safety solutions, innovations and systems across Australia and are a celebration of what can be achieved to reduce workplace incidents and deaths.

Individuals and organisations of all sizes across four categories were recognised for their outstanding contributions to work health and safety.

All 37 finalists were winners of their respective category at their work health and safety regulator awards in 2013.

More information about the Safe Work Australia Awards, including a list of finalists and winners as well as photos from the night, is available on the Safe Work Australia website.

News | 22 April 2014

The Job Commitment Bonus is part of the Australian Government’s plan to boost workforce participation and productivity in Australia.

The bonus will provide a payment of $2500 to young Australian job seekers who have been unemployed for 12 months or more, if they find and keep a job and remain completely off welfare for a continuous period of 12 months.

Job seekers will receive a further payment of $4000 if they remain in a job and off welfare for a continuous 24 month period.

The bonus will provide long-term unemployed young Australians with a real incentive to get into paid work.

The bonus will only be available to Australians aged 18 to 30 who are receiving Newstart or Youth Allowance (as job seekers) for 12 months or more.

News | 16 April 2014

Assistant Minister for Employment Luke Hartsuyker and the Parliamentary Secretary for Education Senator Scott Ryan today welcomed the commitment by major Australian businesses to help address youth unemployment.

Mr Hartsuyker and Senator Ryan joined the Prime Minister at a breakfast and roundtable in Sydney to support the Generation Success initiative.

Generation Success is an industry led initiative aimed at drawing employer’s attention to youth unemployment and starting the conversation in order to develop practical solutions.

See more information about Generation Success

News | 15 April 2014

Government representatives from each of the G20 member countries got together on 10 and 11 April to share ideas and best practice and discuss employment issues, with a particular focus on ways to prevent unemployment from becoming structural.

Following in-depth discussions about some of the issues being faced by countries across the globe, the taskforce put together a draft set of policy principles and recommendations on the topic to take forward to the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers when they meet in September.

Since the taskforce’s first meeting countries have started drafting country employment plans, which will outline actions they will take to address their individual circumstances. At the meeting in Paris, the delegates took the opportunity to discuss how these plans can contribute to the G20’s goal of lifting our collective GDP by more than 2 per cent above the trajectory implied by current policies over the coming five years.

News | 7 April 2014

With 74.5 million young people unemployed around the world according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), helping to get more young people into work is an important part of the G20’s agenda to create more jobs and boost participation.

News | 24 March 2014


Media reports today assert that ministerial advisers pressured the Department of Employment to change its employment forecasts.  This is not correct.

The Department is not publishing employment projections ‘scaled up’ to reflect the Government’s commitment to create one million jobs. The figures, to be published this Friday, are based on the employment growth projections from the 2013-14 MYEFO.

The Department also offered the Minister’s Office figures showing the potential make-up of sectoral growth taking into account the Government’s policies. However these figures are not being published, nor did the Minister’s Office ever ask the Department to publish them.

Department Media:

News | 21 March 2014

Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining is a quarterly report that provides data, and an accompanying explanatory summary, on quarterly growth in wages and agreement making in the federal workplace relations system.

The data are obtained from the Department of Employment’s Workplace Agreements Database.

You can view the report on the Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining page. 

News | 20 March 2014

As part of Repeal Day, the Coalition Government announced that it would cease a number of regulatory arrangements that are administered by the Department of Employment and apply to Australian Government procurements. These changes will take effect from 1 July 2014.

These arrangements create different requirements for suppliers to Government than those required in the private sector. The requirements under the Government’s mainstream procurement framework (such as the Commonwealth Procurement Rules) and the mainstream workplace relations framework will continue to apply.

News | 24 February 2014

A discussion paper informing the review to modernise the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner and the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme is now available.

Building industry participants and other stakeholders are encouraged to consult with their industry association in the first instance, as they will be the primary means by which views will be provided to the review.

For more information please view the discussion paper, or contact the review inbox at

News | 19 February 2014

Participants visited a range of different programs to get a feel for how different community groups in Australia are assisting vulnerable or disadvantaged groups into meaningful employment.

Officials visited the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building construction site at the University of Technology in Sydney, and listened to how the project is assisting 50 Aboriginal trainees. A partnership between the Koori Job Ready Program, a major construction company and the University of Technology is providing real recruitment, training and employment pathways for Aboriginal people. The project is having further reaching effects. A young trainee spoke about what a fantastic opportunity the Program was for her, but also how her success had inspired young people in her community to stay in school.

News | 7 February 2014

Promoting stronger economic growth and employment outcomes is one of the key themes that will help structure leaders’ discussions in Australia’s G20 presidency year. The G20 Taskforce on Employment is a focal point for dialogue and information sharing on employment issues.

Topics discussed at the taskforce’s first meeting included challenges and strategies for boosting workforce participation, and local jobs creation.

Officials shared best practice strategies and discussed the development of policy principles and recommendations to put forward to G20 Labour and Employment Ministers.

The taskforce also set the agenda for the year ahead, including the creation of country-specific employment plans. Each member country committed to develop their own plan, which will set out practical actions to address employment issues.

News | 2 December 2013

On 2 December 2013, the Minister for Employment Senator the Hon. Eric Abetz, announced the lifting of the moratorium placed on private corporations seeking a declaration of eligibility to apply to self-insure under the SRC Act.

More information is available on Self-insurance under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988.

Media Release | 28 November 2013

The paper was released on 28 November 2013 and the closing date for submissions is 12 February 2014.

More information about the discussion paper is available.

News | 20 November 2013

The Department of Employment has released Labour Market Assistance Outcomes reports from the December 2012, March 2013 and June 2013 reporting periods.