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Building construction skills for ex-offenders

Employment program Career Builder is helping ex-offenders gain skills in construction to assist them to re-enter the workforce.

Spicing up Launceston

Moving to Australia presented a range of challenges for brothers Yousef and Yasin Mohammadi, but with help from Entrepreneurship Facilitator Talitha ‘Taz’ Devadass they realised their dream of opening a spice market.

Bek’s business is bloomin’

Small business owner Rebecca Gerstner received assistance from Australian Small Business Advisory Services to improve her digital capability and grow her business, to reach more customers and broaden her products and services.

Explainer: Youth Jobs PaTH

Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government employment service that helps young people gain skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job.

Employers lead the way in socially responsible restructuring

The Australian economy is transitioning to new sectors of growth. This process of transition helps to drive business to be more innovative and competitive, generates new products, services and employment, and can provide consumers with better value for money.

Find hard-working apprentices like Janaya with the help of Youth Jobs PaTH

A smiling young woman in a blue work shirt is leaning into the engine cavity of a car, with its hood up.

Owners of Gullwing Mechanics Stefan and Kelly first heard about Youth Jobs PaTH internships through their local jobs provider. Interested to see whether Youth Jobs paTH would help them find a young person who would fit into their small businesses they offered Janaya an internship. Immediately impressed by her enthusiasm and how she approached her work with interest and care they were pleased to offer Janaya an apprenticeship.

A PaTH internship leads Janaya to her dream job as a mechanic

Janaya Paul, a young Indigenous woman from the Gold Coast, is excited to have landed a job as an apprentice mechanic with the help of the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

How Neil used a cleaning job as a stepping stone to a job he loves

A man sitting in an office with a city view behind him.

When Neil was unemployed, his jobactive provider found him a part time job as a cleaner. Even though he'd been working as a manager, he could see that a cleaning job could be a stepping stone to something he relished.

Persistence pays off for Neil

Self-motivated and determined, Neil Jameson, 59, is an inspiring example of a mature-aged person who persisted and didn’t let himself be discouraged in his job search. He’s now reaping the rewards.

On the PaTH to a hospitality career

Young people are getting more opportunities for employment with the Youth Jobs PaTH program as businesses tailor the program to suit their recruitment needs.