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Understanding your local labour market

A new user guide can help you explore local jobs data and find the information and insights you need.

New tool to help workers pave the way to their next career move

Skills Match is the latest online, interactive tool now available on the Job Outlook website to help workers and job seekers match their current skills and experience to new jobs.

A statistical snapshot of women in the Australian workforce

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March each year, highlighting the achievements of women across the world.

Women are a key part of the Australian workforce, both as employees and business owners.

Here is a statistical snapshot on women in the Australian labour market:

How we share unpaid labour at home informs employment policy

Analysis of two national surveys is helping our understanding of the division of unpaid household labour and how flexible employment can help families share the load.

Careers in caring - increasing demand for workers

Many Health Care and Social Assistance related jobs are growing strongly as Australia’s population ages and the National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout continues.

Job ads continue strong growth in regional areas

Job advertisement growth over the past year was faster in regional areas than in capital cities, according to the latest data from the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI). This reflects a trend towards stronger growth in regional areas since June 2016.

Feedback invited on premier jobs publication

'Australian Jobs', one of Australia’s foremost jobs publications, is collecting feedback to make the next edition better.

Employers say ex-offenders are some of the hardest workers

The majority of employers who have hired an ex-offender have reported a positive outcome, with some saying they are the ‘best workers’.

Explore Australia uncovers skills in demand where people live

A new tool launched this week will help people looking for work—or a career change—to find out what skills are in demand where they live.

Australia getting it right on skills assessments

A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has commended Australia for producing reliable information about the labour market and using that information to shape policies and reduce skills imbalances.