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One million job placements under jobactive!

One million job placements under jobactive!

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In April, the Australian Government’s job service, jobactive, celebrated a milestone moment when it reached one million job placements.

WA: 79265 (7.9%), NT: 7124 (0.7%), SA: 98830 (9.4%), QLD: 247798 (24.8%), NSW: 278746 (27.9%), VIC: 248443 (24.8%), TAS: 29,976 (3.0%), ACT: 15181 (1.5%). Total metro: 658622 (65.8%), total regional: 341741 (34.2%)

At a glance: see where the one million job placements were made across Australia since 2015.

79% of the one million job placements were located across the eastern states of Australia - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

Accommodation and Food Services: 123581 (12.4%), Retail Trade: 98274 (9.8%), Construction Industry: 91006 (9.1%)

Accommodation and Food Services, Retail Trade and Construction Industry are the top employing industries

Over 30% of the one million job placements were made in the accommodation and food services, retail trade and construction industries.

Interesting fact: These three industries are projected to continue to grow over the next five years to May 2022.

Under 22: 145764 (14.6%), Age 22-24: 124545 (12.6%), Age 25-29: 148870 (15.1%), Age 30-39: 219195 (22.2%), Aged 40-49: 199519 (20.2%), Age 50-54: 74843 (7.6%), Age 55-59: 48447 (4.9%)

Age-based demographics for people employed through jobactive

Male: 603254 (60.3%), Female: 397109 (39.7%), Indigenous: 90391 (9.0%), People with a disability: 170975 (17.1%), Parents: 113797 (11.4%), Culturally and Linguistically Diverse: 161807 (16.2%)

A break down of jobactive employment data

Australians of all ages and demographics have found work as part of the one million job placements. This includes 90,391 people who are Indigenous, 170,975 people with a disability and 113,797 parents.

Watch some of the stories of people who found work with the help of jobactive.

Find out more about jobactive.

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