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Tarsh said that participating in ParentsNext helped her get the qualifications she needs to apply for work in the aged care industry.

Tarsh said that participating in ParentsNext helped her get the qualifications she needs to apply for work in the aged care industry.

Qualified for the job

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After leaving school and starting a family, Natasha didn’t believe she could launch a career, but with the help of ParentsNext she found a calling in aged care.

Based in Tamworth, Natasha, or Tarsh, worked with her ParentsNext provider to enrol in a Certificate III in Community Services, and was the first in her cohort to complete all modules.

ParentsNext is a government program that helps eligible parents plan and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school.

“I didn’t think I would ever finish anything ever again after school and having my kids. I left school in year 10 and when I had tried to study things would always pop up with the children that held me back,” Tarsh said.

“I’m so proud of myself finishing this course.”

After completing a work placement in a local aged care facility, Tarsh was encouraged to apply when positions became available in February this year. Staff and residents at the facility are familiar with Tarsh and her children, who visit regularly. 

“It’s really sweet that my kids are able to go to the facility and visit the residents — they love it and ask to go back all the time. I will definitely be applying for work there,” Tarsh said.

Natalie Linton, ParentsNext program manager with Joblink Plus, said that Tarsh’s give-it-a-go attitude and readiness to work with her provider to discuss options for activities and training were crucial to her success.

“Tarsh did have some challenges come up whilst completing the course, but Joblink Plus were able to be flexible with her attendance and worked with the trainer to support her to complete the course,” Natalie explained.

“Importantly, now that she has obtained a qualification and made professional connections within the aged care community in Tamworth, Tarsh is well on her way to gaining work in a field that needs her skills.”

Tarsh did apply for a part-time position as a personal carer at the aged care facility. She was successful with her application and after attending an interview was offered a permanent part time job.

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