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Director Aaron Jamalzadeh and Business Development Manager Natalie Yoon of TeleTraining have found going digital has revolutionised their business

Small business delivers big with digital

Through the Digital Champions project, Sydney-based TeleTraining is showing how taking small steps toward digital engagement can lead to big results for small businesses.

Director Aaron Jamalzadeh and Business Development Manager Natalie Yoon started TeleTraining to provide technical training to engineers in the construction industry, bridging the gap between university learning and practical workplace knowledge.

Realising that delivering only face-to-face training limited their ability to expand the business, Aaron and Natalie knew the business needed to change but needed support to make it happen.

Working with their digital transformation provider, Deloitte, TeleTraining implemented a new cloud‑based system so they could deliver top-quality online learning efficiently and to more customers.

Aaron said the vendor networks introduced by Deloitte gave them the confidence to implement their plan and reinforced it was the right approach.

“We’d done a lot of research and we were pretty sure we knew we needed to go online and use the cloud,” Aaron said. 

“As an engineer, I felt I needed to run every aspect of the business myself. But the digital transformation team helped me realise it’s much more efficient and easier to engage someone else to look after certain aspects of the business.”

Natalie said the new way of working revolutionised the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of their educational resources and training programs.

“Administration work that once took all day is now done in five seconds,” Natalie explained.

“This frees us up to redirect our efforts into developing great content for our online learning products, giving customers an even better and more valuable interactive experience.

“We also now have accurate insights and data, higher productivity rates, better resource allocation, effective forecasting — increasing our ability to make effective business decisions.

“Many companies don’t realise they are losing money on administration activities because they’re too busy with operations. Going digital changes that,” Natalie said.

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