ParentsNext encourages Cally to keep volunteering

ParentsNext flexible approach encouraged Cally to continue her volunteer work. At the same time, Cally is exploring future education opportunities with her ParentsNext provider.

Cally with her sonWith the support of ParentsNext, Cally a mum of one, has continued to volunteer in her local community while she takes care of her son.

“At the moment I’m volunteering with Anglicare, where I help with lunches. And on Fridays I volunteer at Books 4 PNG Kids, where I organise and pack children’s books,” Cally said.

As a pre-employment program, ParentsNext helps parents with children under the age of six, to identify their education and employment goals and connects them to training, child care and local services in their community.

Attending regular ParentsNext appointments, Cally enjoys how the ParentsNext program is tailored to meet her own individual needs.

“The ParentsNext program is very flexible,” she said.

“I love volunteering and my ParentsNext provider, Dempsey, encourages me to continue.”

“Dempsey is very friendly and always approachable. When I have my appointments, he listens to me and asks me questions about my volunteering.”

Identifying Cally’s interest in continuing her volunteer work, Dempsey is working with Cally to identify her future educational goals.

“He always provides me with ideas for courses that I can potentially undertake in the future,” she said.

“He’s very supportive of me moving at my own pace and is always available to chat.”

“The ParentsNext office has a children’s corner as well, so I can bring my son along to my appointments and he can play while I talk to Dempsey.”

While participating in ParentsNext Cally has also been able to focus on her art and ceramics, which she hopes will eventually lead into a career.

“Participating in ParentsNext has enabled me to continue to take ceramic classes at the Logan Artist Association and put together art work to create a Children’s Book.”

“For me the best part of participating in ParentsNext has been its flexibility and the support my ParentsNext provider shows to me.”