Questions for potential suppliers on the former Indigenous Opportunities Policy

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Over what period of time did the IOP apply?

The IOP commenced on 1 July 2011 and ceased on 30 June 2015.

What is the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP)?

The Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) replaced the IOP on 1 July 2015. The IPP applies to all non-corporate Commonwealth entities subject to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs). However, entities that are not required to comply with the CPRs are encouraged to adopt the policy as best practice.

The policy has three parts: 

  • A target number of contracts that need to be awarded to Indigenous businesses.
  • A mandatory set-aside of contracts for Indigenous businesses to apply in certain situations.
  • Mandatory minimum requirements for Indigenous employment and Indigenous supplier use applying to certain Commonwealth contracts.

For more information on the IPP, visit the Department of Finance website.

How do I know if my company previously had an approved Indigenous Australian Training, Employment and Supplier Plan (IOP Plan) or Implementation and Outcomes Report (IOP Report)?

Prior to 27 June 2015, IOP Plans and Reports were submitted through the web based application MyPlan. Organisations were asked to nominate an approved primary and secondary IOP organisational contact. These contacts were provided with unique log in ids. They were responsible for updating organisational contacts and submitting IOP Plans and Reports. As the log in id was unique the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet cannot change organisational contact details.

From 27 June 2015 organisations with previously submitted IOP Plans and Reports have ‘read only’ access to previously submitted IOP Plans and Reports. These Plans and Reports can be accessed by your nominated organisational IOP primary and secondary contact.

Alternately you can contact the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (formerly Department of Jobs and Small Business) IT Helpdesk number on 1300 305 520, or through email via who will assist you to change organisational contact details and access your organisation’s former IOP Plans and Reports.

What were previous IOP regions with a significant Indigenous population?

For the purposes of the former IOP, regions with a significant Indigenous Australian population were those Indigenous areas (as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics) where the proportion of Indigenous people was higher than the national average (3 per cent – 2011 Census). 

How was an IOP Plan for our organisation previously approved?

Prior to 27 June 2015 IOP Plans and Reports were submitted through the web based application MyPlan using a template. The IOP Plan was assessed and rejected and or approved by the IOP Administrator through MyPlan.

Why is the Office of Indigenous Affairs involved in my contract that is with another Australian Government Department?

From August 2013 the Office of Indigenous Affairs in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet had responsibility for a managing the IOP. The former IOP interacted with all the Commonwealth Government’s procurement activities.

Although the Office of Indigenous Affairs was not directly involved in the other agencies contract management processes, it provided information to agencies when a contractor was not compliant with its IOP requirements. In this case Contract Managers from the agency that an organisation had a contract with were responsible for managing any non-compliance.

Was my organisation required to have a IOP Plan for each contract with IOP requirements?

A single IOP Plan that captured IOP requirements in all contracts with all Commonwealth agencies was required.

What were my organisation’s previous contractual IOP reporting requirements?

The annual IOP reporting template enabled organisation’s to report on one or more contracts in the same form. IOP reporting was required on activities against each specific contract. Reminders about upcoming reporting requirements were previously generated through MyPlan and emailed to your nominated organisational contacts as listed in your organisation’s MyPlan registration.

Where can I find information on Indigenous businesses that I can partner or contract with to support my IOP requirements?

The following organisations can provide you with further information about Indigenous businesses that you can contact to discuss partnering and or contracting opportunities:

Indigenous Chambers of Commerce

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia