Skills and Training


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Collaboration key to strengthening skills and careers sectors

News | 11 November 2019

More than 1,000 people from over 600 organisations across Australia have so far participated in stakeholder consultation and co-design to strengthen and modernise the skills and careers sectors. 

Skills Commissioner to help strengthen vocational education and training

News | 23 October 2019

Former Chief Economist of the Business Council of Australia, Adam Boyton, has been appointed as the Interim National Skills Commissioner.

New institute to better guide people to training and careers

News | 17 October 2019

The National Careers Institute has been established to simplify and strengthen Australia’s career development system, so Australians can get the career information and support they need.

Scott Cam named National Careers Ambassador

News | 13 October 2019

Business owner, former apprentice and television presenter Scott Cam has been named the National Careers Ambassador.

Co-designing the National Skills Commission, National Careers Institute and Skills Organisation Pilots

News | 1 October 2019

Release of the Northern Territory Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Request for Tender

News | 16 August 2019

A taste of Australian skills on the international stage

News | 13 April 2018

New website and online tool to support VET delivered to secondary students

News | 10 March 2016