Small business wellbeing


Good mental health is good for small business, good for the economy and ultimately benefits the whole community. The Australian Government has a strong focus on the prosperity of small business as a key economic driver and recognises that mental health is linked to the productivity of the small business sector. Prioritising the wellbeing of small business owners is investing in the future and will benefit not only small business owners, but also their business, families and the communities where they live and work.

Supports for small business owners

The Australian Government is investing in tools and resources to support small business owners’ wellbeing. Small business owners take on many roles in the operation of their business, so it comes as no surprise that individuals with so many responsibilities often find themselves facing challenges and stressors that can directly affect their mental health and wellbeing.

The Government is partnering with the mental health community to invest $3.6 million in mental health initiatives for small business.

For more information visit the Small Business wellbeing and support page on this website.

Ahead for business

The Government is providing $3.1 million to Everymind’s Ahead for Business project targeted at supporting small and family businesses, particularly sole proprietors. It includes a digital platform (app and website) that connects small business owners to evidence-based tools, programs and interventions to improve mental health and wellbeing, tailored to your specific needs.

For more information visit the Ahead for business website. 

Small Business Coach Wellbeing Videos

A series of videos from small business coaches tailored for small business operators, the series provides practical tips for how small business operators can improve their wellbeing, including how to manage stress and how to balance work and family commitments.

These videos are available on the Department’s website.

My Business Health Portal

The My Business Health portal helps small business owners navigate government systems, to find what they need to face challenges and identify opportunities to grow their business. Pulling together a range of resources, My Business Health gives easy access to tools, templates and tips to manage stress and proactively engage with running a business.

For more information visit the My business health website.