Strategic Plan

More Jobs. Great Workplaces

More job seekers into jobs. Safe, fair and productive workplaces.

Our purpose is to foster a productive and competitive labour market through employment policies and programs that increase workforce participation, and facilitate jobs growth through policies that promote fair, productive, flexible and safe workplaces.

Pentagon image of different colours with arrows on each side pointing to the 5 key principles of the strategic plan - devlivery, collaboration, forward looking, influence, and people


We get the job done. We consistently deliver effective programs and provide robust policy advice on safety and fairness at work, workplace relations and employment. We invest in building our expertise, understanding and capability. We focus on improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians, young people and women.


We collaborate with stakeholders, public and private sector, domestic and international, to shape and lead a policy conversation built on strong evidence. We review and adjust our approach to fit the context and look for opportunities to combine user input with evidence to find solutions.

Forward looking

We look to the future. We identify emerging labour market trends, risks and opportunities to improve and inform our thinking. We take stock through evaluation and are responsive, flexible and innovative in how we work.


We seek first to understand and then to influence by initiating and conducting productive conversations. We use insights from evaluation, research and data to present compelling arguments that are meaningful and persuasive, with our credibility built on the quality of our work.


Our people are central to achieving our purpose. We find and adopt better ways of working, support our people and value our diversity. We trust ourselves to use good judgement, build relationships and inspire, empower and involve others.

Indigenous business is our business. We care that our people are working in a culturally appropriate way in their everyday work; we deliver programs that provide the very best outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and we foster our Indigenous workforce to reach their full potential.

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