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Support to go digital


The Australian Government knows businesses with higher levels of digital engagement are 50 per cent more likely to be growing revenue, eight times more likely to be creating jobs, seven times more likely to be exporting and 14 times more likely to be innovating new products and services. Small businesses can access a range of government programs and subsidised digital advice to make the most of the opportunities in the digital economy and stay ahead of their competition.

Better and accessible digital services

The Government is investing in digital technology to improve the quality and accessibility of government services and this is set out in the Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy. We know small business owners are time poor, which is why our vision is that dealing with government should be simple, clear and fast.

For more information on the Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy visit the Digital Transformation Agency website. 

Australian Small Business Advisory Services Digital Solutions Program

Embracing the digital economy can reduce cost, improve efficiency and see local businesses expand their markets all over the world.

The Government is providing $18 million to the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions program to help Australian small to medium sized businesses reap the huge benefits of digital technology. The ASBAS Digital Solutions program provides small business owners with access to specialist advisers who can help fast track their online capability.

ASBAS Digital Solutions provides low-cost, high quality, digital advisory services to Australian small businesses in metropolitan and regional areas. Advisory services include:

  • assessment of small businesses’ needs
  • tailored digital engagement plans
  • support for: websites and selling online; social media and digital marketing; using small business software; and online security and data privacy.

For more information visit the website and the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions page on this website.

Digital Champions Project

The $8.9 million Digital Champions Project is creating relatable, real-time case studies to inspire and inform small business owners across Australia about how to go digital. The project provides
100 small businesses from diverse sectors a digital makeover of up to $18,500 worth of digital goods and services to transform their business, plus additional in-kind support offered by Corporate Partners to the project.

Fifteen of the 100 small businesses are Digital Champions and receive additional mentoring assistance from high profile entrepreneurs. Their digital journeys are being captured to provide online interactive content for all Australian businesses to make similar transformations.

In addition, 15 industry associations are also receiving $100,000 each over two years to provide sector specific trusted digital advice to their members across Australia.

For more information visit the Small Business Digital Champions page on this website.

Small Business Cyber Security

The Government is keeping small and family businesses safe online with a new $10 million Cyber Security Small Business Program. Eligible small businesses can apply for grants of up to $2,100 to cover half the cost of their cyber security testing. The cost of cyber-crime to the Australian economy is estimated at about $1 billion annually. The cyber security grants for small businesses, along with measures under the Cyber Security Strategy, are designed to ensure all players in our economy remain resilient and competitive in the face of growing and constantly evolving online threats.

For more information about the Government’s Cyber Security Strategy visit the Department of Home Affiairs website. 

Digital Marketplace

To make it easier for smaller businesses to compete for the Government’s $9 billion procurement of digital services, the Digital Marketplace is levelling the playing field for start-ups and small and medium enterprises competing for government spending on digital services.

Encouraging adoption and simplifying the procurement process for Government buyers, the Digital Marketplace is ensuring greater access to digital services opportunities and encouraging buyers to open their sourcing requirements to more sellers of digital services. By increasing opportunities and new categories and improving the seller assessment process, the Digital Marketplace is making it simpler, faster, and less resource-intensive for sellers to compete for government business.

For more information visit the Digital Marketplace website.