Synergy - Personalised Workplace Agreements improve work-life balance

Synergy is an accounting and consulting firm that offers all 170 of their employees a Synergy Personalised Agreement. This enables each employee to tailor their own work hours and days to their personal circumstance.

Synergy believes that helping their employees achieve work life balance can be a challenge but is one of the most important things to do as a business.

A Synergy Personalised Agreement is a “contract that gives employees the legal right to determine their working pattern - hours per day, days per week. This displays our total trust in our employees,” Synergy partner, Rob Kennedy, explained.

Under Synergy’s personalised agreements employees may choose to work the standard work week, however are encouraged to use flexible working arrangements to suit their personal circumstances, knowing that it won’t affect their career or promotion opportunities.

Synergy Personalised Agreements have struck a positive cord with employees who have taken the trust they have been given to create a more productive workplace. “I really respect the autonomy we're given to be professional and mature in how we approach our work,” said Lucy Fitzpatrick, Financial Advisor.

Investment in technology

Synergy uses technology to allow staff to work anywhere at any time. There is no obligation for employees to come into the office as Synergy uses a cloud based system and all staff have their own laptops that are Wi-Fi enabled.

Positive results

Flexible working arrangements are now the norm at Synergy and a key part of the business model. Personal choices are respected and the professionalism of employees mean deadlines are always met.

The benefits of flexible working arrangements are also clear to the partners at Synergy. Not only do several partners utilise flexible working arrangements themselves, they see the trust they put into their employees repaid. Senior Manager at Synergy Erin Quinane, works a 4-day week and appreciates the flexible nature of the work.

“I’m incredibly engaged because Synergy is supporting me and giving me something. I want to give back and make sure that at a minimum I give 100% because I also want that trust to continue,” said Erin.

Synergy partner, Rob, reports that employees who have adopted a flexible arrangement are consistently the most highly productive employees.