VET Student Loans and VET FEE-HELP Compliance


The VET Student Loans Act 2016, VET Student Loans Rules 2016, the Higher Education Support Act 2003 and the Higher Education Support (VET) Guideline 2015 set out the legislative requirements that underpin the VET Student Loans program and VET FEE-HELP scheme.

The VET Student Loans program commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme, which ceased on 31 December 2016. The VET FEE-HELP scheme will continue for eligible, existing VET FEE-HELP students that have opted-in to continue their studies under the VET FEE-HELP scheme, and providers training these students.

The department undertakes a range of compliance activities including audits, investigations and student surveys to identify potential non-compliance.

The department uses a strategic, risk management-based approach to compliance that attempts to identify providers at risk of non-compliance, ranging from unintentional to wilful non-compliance.

The department has a compliance strategy to encourage, enforce and strengthen compliance of approved VET Student Loans and VET FEE-HELP providers with the regulatory requirements of the VET Student Loans program and the VET FEE-HELP scheme.

In taking actions to encourage and enforce compliance with the law, the department aims to:

  • protect the interests of VET students, and maximise the educational experience of students
  • ensure the appropriate spending of public monies
  • protect the reputation of the VET Student Loans program and VET FEE-HELP scheme.

With these goals in mind, the department will take action to:

  • detect potential non-compliance (including through a rolling program of student surveys, desktop monitoring, compliance audits and investigations)
  • take action against providers (including through suspension and revocation of approval, issuing infringement notices, seeking civil penalties and, in the most serious cases, referring matters for prosecution) for non-compliance with the requirements of the VET Student Loans program and VET FEE-HELP scheme
  • deter and prevent non-compliance by taking compliance action.

Compliance activities, actions and results

The department provides information regarding compliance activities, court proceedings, compliance notices, infringement notices, suspensions and revocations of approvals on this page.

For more information visit the Compliance activities, actions and results page.


Visit the Compliance Resources page for helpful resources to assist providers to achieve and maintain compliance, and links to related agencies.


The department takes complaints seriously. The VET Student Loans and VET FEE-HELP compliance complaints page provides information on how to make a complaint regarding the behaviour and conduct of an approved VET Student Loans or VET FEE-HELP course provider.

VET-FEE-HELP Student Redress Measures  

The department is working with the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman to locate and re credit all students who incurred a VET FEE-HELP debt through the inappropriate conduct of their VET provider, or their VET provider’s agent.

The VET FEE-HELP page provides information on how to make a complaint to the VET Student Loans Ombudsman in the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman.