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  1. Watch Stephen


    Listen to Steve talk about his experiences in the 2018 grad program.


  2. Watch Shelby’s Story

    Shelby’s Story

    Shelby had a light bulb moment just after she graduated from the program when she realised just how influential her role in the public service is.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplesJob seekersStudents

  3. Watch Geelong Employment Facilitator

    Geelong Employment Facilitator

    Simon French, Geelong Employment Facilitator talks about his role in the region.


  4. Watch Video- International Skills Training Courses

    Video- International Skills Training Courses

    Skills for industry


  5. Watch Use My Ute

    Use My Ute

    Use my Ute is a Sydney-based company that has developed a platform for people to offer their utes to collect and deliver goods for people. The owners Gavin and Melissa talk about their experience using ASBAS digital Solutions and how it has helped their business to grow.


  6. Watch Beija Flor

    Beija Flor

    Megan, one of our ASBAS Digital Solutions experts worked with Maria, owner of Beija Flor retail florist and floral design studio, to double her business sales and improve e-commerce sales by 160%!


  7. Watch Eat by Design

    Eat by Design

    ASBAS provider Kirrily helped Thea, owner of Eat By Design, plan an end-to-end digital solution to attract and keep customers.


  8. Watch Chozen One

    Chozen One

    Dan and Laken, owners of Chozen One functional fitness gym in Rockhampton, got help from ASBAS provider Liam from LAD Social to use social media to promote and grow their business.


  9. Watch Tips and Tricks

    Tips and Tricks

    Katina Beveridge from Strategic Online and ASBAS Digital Solutions providers share advice on how to use digital technology to grow your business. The four areas covered include: Websites and online selling; Social media and online marketing; using small business software; and cyber security.


  10. Watch Meet our Digital Champion: Painter 4000

    Meet our Digital Champion: Painter 4000

    Andrew Tindall and Rachel Cornock have successfully operated Painter 4000 for four years. They are passionate about their small, family-run painting business and were excited to be chosen as a Small Business Digital Champion. They believe this is a once in a lifetime, amazing opportunity.