VET Student Loans legislation and policy documents


VET Student Loans Acts of Parliament and Legislative Instruments

Acts of Parliament

Legislative Instruments

Review of the VET Student Loans Eligible Course List and Loan Caps Methodology

In February 2017, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training began a comprehensive review of the methodology of the VET Student Loan Course list and course caps. The outcome of the review was published on 11 December 2017.

Redevelopment and Audit of the VET Student Loans Data Collection Discussion Paper

The Redevelopment and Audit of the VET Student Loans Data Collection Discussion Paper (the paper) opens consultation with VSL stakeholders to seek views on how the department and Services Australia can ensure relevant, high quality data is collected through the Collection, using best practice submission processes. This paper is similar in purpose and aim to the Redevelopment and Audit of the Higher Education Data Collection Discussion Paper distributed to higher education providers in January 2018.

VET Student Loans Program Evaluation

KPMG conducted a full evaluation of the VET Student Loans program in 2019. The evaluation took into account perspectives from multiple stakeholders inside and outside of the government including departmental staff, VET providers and students.