Warren's Story

Warren has a history of employment and is a hard worker. But due to personal struggles and some physical ailments he became unemployed and homeless and did it tough for a while living on the streets. COVID-19 then hit Australia which added to the stress and complication of finding a job.

These barriers made it very difficult for Warren to find work which wasn’t something he had experienced before.

Things began to turn around for Warren when he was referred to the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program.

Warren’s CTA provider ETC, helped him develop his resume, submit job applications and practice his interviews skills.

Although Warren did not have stable accommodation he always showed up to appointments and job interviews.

Through the support of ETC and CTA Warren was put forward for a job with ISS Facility Services as a cleaner for schools and public libraries. His background in car detailing helped bring his previous skills to the job.

He was successful and now has a steady job. Warren says “I’m cleaning all the touch points – helping to keep the community germ free. It’s great being back in the workforce.”

Warren says “ETC saw the potential in me and brought it out, which helped me to get a job.”

Months after he finished the CTA program Warren is still working and has found a home.

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