What employers want

Research shows that people with higher level qualifications generally have better employment outcomes than those who didn’t complete further training after leaving school. Many jobs in growth industries require post-school qualification (including certificates and VET qualification, diplomas and bachelor degrees). Have you considered doing a certificate or VET qualifications, a diploma or even a degree?

It’s predicted that 90 per cent of new jobs over the next five years will need education or training beyond school level.

Across all jobs, employers will look for workers with good communication, teamwork and organisation skills.

Interestingly employers are also looking for people who demonstrate a combination of experience, knowledge, and employability skills. Research by the Department of Jobs and Small Business found that around 70 per cent of employers place at least as much emphasis, if not more, on employability skills than they do on technical skills.

If you can demonstrate that you have these attributes, and that they are relevant to the position, you are more likely to be successful. Employability skills that are valued by employers include:

  • Interpersonal & people skills communication
  • Teamwork skills
  • Creative problem solving adaptability and resilience
  • Reliability and motivation
  • Innovative thinking
  • digital literacy
  • critical thinking
  • presentation skills
  • entrepreneurial skills.

As a mature-age job seeker you’ve had a lifetime of experiences that have built these skills, putting you at an advantage in securing a role.

The labour market information portal has a number of resources that focus on Employers tips for mature age job seekers