Wide Bay - Burnett Jobs Fair to be held in July


Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre
5 Walker Street, Maryborough
Wednesday 31 July 2019, 10am to 2pm

This Jobs Fair will bring together job seekers, employers, employment service providers and recruitment agencies in the Wide Bay - Burnett region.

This event will provide you with an opportunity to connect and talk face to face with exhibitors to learn about jobs, training, education and career options across the Wide Bay - Burnett region.

Throughout the day there will be information sessions on how best to find employment opportunities in the local job market.

For job seekers wanting more information, please contact your jobactive provider.

For enquiries about the Jobs Fair or if you are interested in being an exhibitor, phone Sharon Philp on 0404 192 600 or email info@frasercoastconferences.com.au.

Exhibitor list and Seminar Schedule

Exhibitor list

  • Aldi Stores
  • Anglicare Southern Queensland
  • APM Employment Services
  • Australian Retail Association
  • Bundaberg Business Enterprise Centre
  • Bundaberg Regional Council
  • Busy at Work
  • Community Solutions
  • Epic Assist
  • Fraser Coast Regional Council
  • Hervey Bay RSL & SMC Inc
  • Hyne Timber
  • Kirami Residential Aged Care Facility
  • Max Employment
  • MRAEL Group
  • Mylestones Employment
  • NEATO Employment Services
  • Queensland Corrective Services
  • Sarina Russo Job Access
  • SeaLink
  • Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Check the website regularly for updates on exhibitors attending the Jobs Fairs in your area, and then have a look at their websites.

Seminar Schedule

Time Presentation
11.00am - 11.30am Improve your chances of getting a job
11.35am - 12.05pm What qualifications do you need to get into the top 5 employment industries within Wide Bay
12.10pm - 12.40pm Finding your passion and turning it into a business
12.45pm - 1.15pm Retail ready with a difference
1.20pm - 1.50pm Improve your chances of getting a job

Tips to make the most of a Jobs Fair

Make the most of the opportunity

A Jobs Fair is a fantastic and unique opportunity to meet and talk to your potential employer. There is nothing quite as effective as face-to-face contact.

Bring a copy of your current résumé to hand to employers. First impressions are important, so make sure you come prepared, and show enthusiasm for and interest in the company during your face-to-face interactions.

Dress for success

What you wear is important. Be aware that employers really do notice details like untidy clothes, and dressing appropriately shows an understanding of behaviour expected in a workplace.

Research the companies attending the Jobs Fair

One of the most frequent complaints from employers is that candidates do not take the time to research their company before speaking to them. Learning a thing or two about the company will help you prepare for discussions with the employer and help you respond to them better.

Ask the right questions

Experts say you should never ask ‘What kind of positions are you hiring for?’ or ‘What is your organisation all about?’ These answers are quite easy for you to find out online.

Instead, ask ‘What kind of person are you looking for?’ or ‘What skills or qualifications do you see as important?’

Remember the Jobs Fair is a great networking opportunity

Job Fairs provide access to a range of employers, employment providers, industry bodies and government agencies all in one place. You may discover new companies, which you haven’t contacted before. Chat with representatives, leave a great first impression and collect as many business cards as you can. These contacts will be very handy when open positions are later advertised.

Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and be enthusiastic

Employers love when job seekers come to a Jobs Fair with positive energy and enthusiasm. Be ready to answer “Tell me about yourself.’ Prepare a brief statement beforehand about yourself, your experience, accomplishments and skills, and why you would like to work for their company. This will help you feel more confident.

Apply online after you meet with any company representatives

After you have attended the Jobs Fair and left résumés with several employers, it is important to remember to also apply online – more and more employers like to receive applications this way. Remember to refer to the conversation you had at the Jobs Fair with the employer in your cover letter.

Just because an employer took your résumé, it doesn’t mean that you have been shortlisted for an interview. The employer will let you know if they would like you to attend an interview.

Follow up by email

Last but not least, don’t forget to send thank you emails to all the representatives you connected with at the Jobs Fair. This shows interest and ambition. Use the business cards you collected to make sure you don’t forget anyone.

Good Luck!