Work for the Dole activities may recommence from 28 September 2020, where it is safe to do so, in all states and territories, except Victoria.

Work for the Dole


Work for the Dole places job seekers in activities where they can gain skills and experience that give back to the community and can help them find a job.

Eligible job seekers registered with a jobactive provider will need to participate in Work for the Dole or another approved activity for six months each year to keep receiving their income support if they have mutual obligation requirements.

Work for the Dole activities can be hosted by not-for-profit organisations and government agencies. The program gives organisations an extra set of hands to help to undertake activities that would not normally be done. jobactive providers work with host organisations to identify suitable activities.

More information on being a Work for the Dole host organisation is available.

Work for the Dole can help job seekers:

  • develop the skills that employers want
  • show they are ready to start work
  • meet new people and make contacts who can be a referee
  • get involved in their local community.

More information for job seekers about Work for the Dole is available.

Want to know more?

Read the Program Fact Sheet about Work for the Dole.

Please Note: on 1 January 2018 changes to Work for the Dole announced under the 2017-18 Budget came into effect.

To help streamline Work for the Dole administration, Work for the Dole Coordinator contracts ceased and jobactive providers now source all Work for the Dole places.

Work for the Dole Group Based Activities have been refocused to primarily target places to the most disadvantaged people, that is, those who face a range of vocational and non-vocational barriers.

Providers are encouraged to establish Indigenous specific Work for the Dole Activities, which support community goals and help support achievable and meaningful career pathways for Indigenous job seekers.

The Indigenous Specific Work for the Dole Activities fact sheet provides more information on the changes to the Work for the Dole program.