Youth Jobs PaTH

Youth Jobs PaTH

Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government employment service that helps young people gain skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job.

It also supports businesses to trial young people in the workplace and offers a financial incentive when they hire.

Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements:

  • Prepare - Employability Skills Training helps young people understand what employers expect in the workplace and supports them to get job ready. Businesses can design tailored training to suit their needs so their new employee or intern is well prepared from day one.
  • Trial - PaTH internships enable businesses to trial young people to see if they are the right fit for the business, before they hire. Young people gain valuable work experience and can demonstrate their skills to businesses looking to hire.
  • Hire - Youth Bonus Wage Subsidies of up to $10,000 may be available to businesses that hire eligible young people in ongoing work.


The following is a list of all the news items that are associated with Youth Jobs PaTH.

Youth Jobs PaTH internship a perfect match for Catherine and Adelaide small business

News | 1 September 2020

Catherine and Susan might never have met, if not for an Australian Government Employer Liaison Officer suggesting a Youth Jobs PaTH internship. It turned out to be a perfect match for the job hunter and local Adelaide business director.  

PaTH internship leaves Fred smiling after securing the job

News | 18 June 2020

A Youth Jobs PaTH internship in a local dentistry has resulted in a young Maitland resident, Fred, securing a job as a dental assistant.

Legislatively Required Review of Youth Jobs PaTH: Final Report

News | 21 October 2019

Australian Government response on Youth Jobs PaTH Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

News | 3 March 2017

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